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Helping Sam Recover from Surgery!

Littleton, CO


Our dear Sam will be spending the next few months recovering from major surgery - we are respecting his privacy by not divulging too much information, but his recovery will not be easy. There will be many weeks in the hospital and then quite a bit of time spent recovering from home (estimated at 3 months total), which means both Sam and his girlfriend (our lovely niece Lauren) will need some assistance. Both Sam and Lauren just graduated from college in May 2023 and shortly thereafter moved from the Midwest out to Colorado to begin their life together. With this surgery, they will both need to step away from work to focus on Sam's recovery. Whatever you can provide or donate will be much appreciated by our family. Thank you!

Special Notes

Sam has some dietary restrictions and cannot eat the following foods: Cranberries, cherries, spinach, kale, and pomegranate.

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