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Get Well Meals for the Williams

Madison, TN


Amanda Williams got the CALL that they had a match for her to have a 3rd Heart Transplant on April 5th, 2021! Amanda and her hushand (Arron) had to move away from family and friends to a new city (Nashville, TN) for her to be listed at Vanderbilt. Her husband started a new job and has to work full time and can't always be home to help plus with Arron being her primary caregiver it could be considered a second full-time job in and of itself! With the move, they don't live close to family or friends to be able to help out when they can, so we are asking for any help you can while Amanda heals. The biggest part of recovery is taking it as easy as possible as she can while her ribs and chest bone heal properly. She has been directed to limit her activities for the next 6-8 weeks as her body recovers from the surgery. We've had several friends and family ask how they can help in any way, and this would help them more than anything! Not just Amanda, but her husband Arron as well so he is not always having to be responsible to meals for Amanda while she heals The recovery road ahead is a LONG one and could be several weeks/months. This is mainly just gift cards for groceries or fast food/restaurant places as we can't deliver actual home-cooked meals to them. It would help tremendously as the hospital bills have started piling on them. There is also an option to send a pre made gift basket with essential items to help them in any way that you can have delivered as well! If you could help in any way, they greatly appreciate anything from the bottom of their hearts as do we, since we cannot be there for Amanda whenever she needs us!

Special Notes

Door Dash gift cards would be preferred for lunch/dinner, Instacart gift cards for grocery delivery, but any and all are welcome and very much appreciated!!

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