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Deer ran into my car and a series of injuries

Middlebury, VT


On August 10th 2023 in the early morning, a deer ran into my car. My car was badly damaged and I suffered a concussion, whiplash and an injury to my right side. I spent 5 weeks in bed waiting for the pain to go away but it just wouldn't and I was trying to get an appointment with a surgeon but the appointments were so far out. Finally, I found a surgeon that was able to do surgery called a discectomy in late October so I needed to recover from the surgery and this surgeon worked wonders and my right side was completely healed. After a month I fell in my kitchen right on my left knee. I was able to get up but it sure did hurt, then the following week I feel again directly on my left knee and was on the floor for 3 hours before I could anyone came. I was brought to the hospital and thank God nothing was broken but then I was down for more recovery. While I was recovering I noticed my leg was swelling way more than it should and it was very warm. I went back to the hospital and they found I had bilateral pulmonary embolism and a DVT in my left leg so I was admitted for a week. I'm finally back home after a small stay at Rehabilitation and am so grateful to be in my own bed. You simply cannot make this stuff up this is real life in which I've spent all this time out of work since August 10th. Please whatever you could spare. I would be incredibly grateful.