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Support Leah's Road to Recovery


Dear Friends, Family, and Kindhearted Supporters, On Tuesday, February 27, 2024, our beloved Leah underwent a crucial EMERGENCY surgery to repair a pinched nerve that has been causing her immense pain and discomfort. As she bravely embarked on this journey toward healing, Leah now finds herself on the path to recovery, a journey that requires both physical and emotional strength. While Leah is on the mend, she faces the challenging reality of being unable to work for the next six weeks. The road to recovery may be paved with rest and restrictions, but with your generosity and support, we can make this period of respite a bit easier for her. I've created this In-Kind Donation Page as an avenue for those who wish to extend a helping hand to Leah during this time. Your contributions, whether big or small, can make a significant impact on her well-being. Every thoughtful donation can contribute to Leah's comfort and recovery. At this time, to make things more accessible for Leah and her limited mobility, I am asking that you give a gift card or monetary donation. This will eliminate the uncertainty of things arriving at her home without her knowledge and having to consistently move to accept deliveries. If you absolutely want to send a physical gift, please contact Leah via text or Dez 310-770-1394 to make arrangements. If you'd like to donate via Zelle heres' the information [email protected]. Your support will not only aid Leah's physical healing but will also fill her heart with gratitude for the wonderful community rallying behind her. Thank you for being a beacon of light during Leah's recovery journey. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in her life. With love and appreciation, Dez

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