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Loving on the Boards

Winston-Salem, NC


Mr. and Mrs. Board have been faithful members of Southside Baptist Church for many years. Most of you have experienced Mr. Board's faithful attending of our clinic. His physician forbade him from continuing in his role with us when the pandemic struck. Despite his and Alice's attempt to adhere to pandemic guidelines, they both were stricken with covid. Fortunately, they overcame the virus, but Mr. Board lost a lot of weight. Alice suffered extreme weakness following a fall and has been in rehab for several weeks. Two of their daughters, Cindy and Catherine, are providing 24/7 care for them during this time. "Because He first loved us," let us show His love to the Boards by helping with meals.

Special Notes

There are no dietary restrictions. Mr. Board has been advised by his physician to gain weight. Include some high calorie foods along with your healthy ones.

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