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Meal Train for Caitie

Broomfield, CO


Caitie was just recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia and impingement which has in turn torn both of her labrums. She is undergoing 2 hip surgeries on each side. This will limit her ability to do much of anything for herself or her family for about 6 weeks following each set of surgeries. As many of you know, Cait has a kind heart and is always willing to help her friends and family whenever and however needed. It's our chance to give back to her and her family by providing support. Not only emotional, but also physical support by providing meals for her family to help while she recovers. Support can be provided through cooking for them, ordering food for them, helping with cleaning and other household needs, or even gift cards. For weeks 0-3 Cait cannot go up or down stairs at all and no weight on the right side plus many other limitations! For the following 3-6 weeks she will continue to have mobility issues. If you want to order food some places they enjoy close by are Li's Chinese, Mod Market, Tokoyo Joe's, Jersey Mike's, Chipotle, Fuzzys, Pho Duy, Sunflower Thai, Spice of India, Mad Greens. . Kiddos are not a fan of anything spicy. They love fries, fruit, cheese pizza, cheese quesadillas, spaghetti with marinara. Ky also loves veggies, tofu, eggs, rice.

Special Notes

Caitie, Andy, and their little ones are all vegetarians. Other than that, they aren't super picky eaters. (well maybe the little ones are ;) )

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