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Love and Support for Jordan's Lupus Battle


Hi, my name is Lynn Osborne, and I'm reaching out with a plea for compassion and support. Our daughter, Jordan, is in dire need of your help. She is not only facing a critical battle against Lupus and recently undergone surgery, but her life has also been a series of relentless challenges, including the sudden and tragic loss of her fiancé. Jordan's Courageous Fight: Jordan underwent mitral valve replacement open heart surgery just two days after Christmas. This major surgery followed years of battling silent strokes and Lupus. But her biggest battle is the cruel twist of fate she experienced a few years ago when she witnessed her fiancé collapse and pass away suddenly, an event that has left deep scars. At just 34, Jordan's life has been a series of tumultuous events. She was unfairly dismissed from her job when her employer ignored medical recommendations for her condition. Now, as her savings dwindle, she faces the loss of her COBRA insurance. Without it, she won’t have access to the specialized medical team she desperately needs at NY Presbyterian. More Than Her Struggles: Jordan is the light of our lives - a cherished daughter, sister, aunt, niece and cousin. Her passions and talents are diverse: from basketball to cosmetology, from massage therapy to cooking. She's an animal lover, particularly of her dogs Ava and Kanan, and a beloved aunt. But these bright spots have been overshadowed by the immense challenges she's faced. We're asking for your support to give Jordan a much-needed bright spot. This campaign is more than just a fundraiser; it's a lifeline. Without the necessary funds, Jordan's access to critical medical care is in jeopardy. She is too young to have her life defined by such hardships. Your contribution can be the beacon of hope that shows her life hasn’t turned its back on her. Together, We Can Make a Difference: Every donation, no matter the size, is a chance for us to show Jordan that despite the darkness, there is a community ready to support her. Here's what donations will support: A significant portion of the funds will be allocated to cover expenses related to Jordan's valve replacement surgery. This includes hospital stay, surgeon fees, anesthesia, and other surgery-related costs. Post-operative care such as medications, follow-up appointments, and any required physical therapy or rehabilitation. Regular consultations with specialists, especially for managing Lupus. This includes visits to rheumatologists, cardiologists, and other relevant specialists. Lupus often requires a range of medications, which can be costly. These funds will help cover the cost of prescriptions that help manage her condition. A portion of the funds could be used to maintain her COBRA insurance coverage, ensuring she continues to receive high-quality care from her specialized medical team.