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Meal train for Julie

Seattle, WA


Dear Friends of Julie & Josh, To know Julie is to be the recipient of her unconditional love and support. Now it's our turn! We put together a meal train for those that would like to support the family in the coming weeks as she recovers. As Jewels would say- absolutely NO pressure - but we did want to create the forum for those that are able. In a couple weeks I know she’ll be excited to see people so please do reach out to her! You can also text Josh (425) 260-3669 and he’ll let you know at that time if she’s feeling up for a visit. Xox Melissa & Kirsten

Special Notes

Couple things to keep in mind for meal planning. no mushrooms, olives or spiciness (e.g. only mild flavors). Please plan to leave in the cooler on the front porch and shoot a Josh a text when you do/if you have any questions (425) 260-3669.

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