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Meals For Memorial Hermann - Greater Heights ER, ICU & COVID Response Staff

Houston, TX


*** PLEASE CHECK THIS PAGE UNDER SPECIAL NOTES ONE DAY BEFORE DELIVERY FOR ANY CHANGES TO THE DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS*** Our local ER, ICU, COVID Response and support staff are working on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic to keep us all safe, while we are staying home to keep them safe. Let's show our appreciation and support by providing them some catered meals.This is also an opportunity to support our local restaurants and delivery drivers. HOW TO HELP: 1) Please sign up by "CLAIMING" a lunch or dinner slot for 25 PEOPLE. You may privately pool money together with friends to sign up for a slot if you wish! 2) You pick any local restaurant of your choice to place your order and utilize either their delivery service, Grub Hub, Uber Eats, Door Dash, or anything else that provides the delivery (you may not deliver it yourself). No gift cards--please just place an order. Here's a slideshow of MENUS of restaurants who are offering DISCOUNTED pricing to participate in this initiative. The first slide also includes information on how to get restaurants offering discounted menus added to this list: 3) In your claimed spot, please specify where the delivery will be from and a brief description of what is ordered. 4) Make sure to indicate to the restaurant or delivery service that delivery must be made at the specified time, to the specified location detailed below in special notes, and in compliance with all the guidelines listed herein. 5) PLEASE NOTE THAT MULTIPLE FAMILY OWNED RESTAURANTS IN THE AREA HAVE OFFERED TO FILL AMAZING DISCOUNTED MEALS FOR $7-$10 per healthcare worker and offer free delivery. NOTE that Uber Eats and door dash you are responsible to coordinate details and a few of these restaurants have access to delivery details already. SHOULD YOU NEED A LINK FOR DISCOUNTED HEALTHCARE MEALS contact admin on page. They will be added shortly to this page as well. GUIDELINES: Please know that the food donation must comply with appropriate guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety. • Food must come from restaurants only and must be individually wrapped and sealed—no large tin family-style pans • The hospital is unable to accept homemade foods— for precautionary measures and for the safety and protection of our entire staff and patients. • Please order at least 5 meals that are Vegetarian (out of the 25) ************ Please keep your receipts and check with your accountants/tax preparers to find out if you can utilize this as a tax deductible donation. - We are doing our part by staying home, but this is one small thing we can do as a community to mobilize behind those that must go to work to help our communities! Please note when calling to place your order please mention that you are donating your meal, as some restaurants may provide some type of discount for your good deed!

Special Notes

DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS __________________________ Please email Tania Prontka one day PRIOR to the meal delivery at [email protected] to confirm daytime drop off at North Tower ER Main Entrance on 1635 North Loop West, corner of 610 & Ella. Please drop off all Meals at the Main Entrance, next to the Emergency Room Doors. AM drop off please call Sherry Clark at 713-867-4549 and she will coordinate someone to meet you outside entrance. Please call prior to dropping off PM meals, and someone at 713-867-2386, will coordinate. When you arrive someone will meet you outside the entrance for handoff.

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