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The Miller Family

Tulsa, OK


We have setup this page to help an amazing family that is in need of some help this holiday season. Billy, Nicole and their two beautiful children Mike and Brooke hosted their own Christmas party on December 15, 2023. The very next morning Billy woke up and the left side of his face was extremely swollen. He has dealt with tumors and other health issues in the past, so he and Nicole instantly made their way to the hospital. Later that day they found out that Billy had a new tumor an existing one had grown larger, and they are wrapped around veins stopping the blood from coming back out of his head and into his system. This is causing extreme pain and swelling. He has been in the hospital since then and has been through a lot. They were scheduled for surgery Wednesday the 20th but due to unforeseen circumstances they had to push the surgery back an entire week. With this update this means Billy and Nicole will need to remain in the hospital until at least January 3rd, 2024. Mike and Brooke are being taken care of by friends and family but as Nicole is not the patient at the hospital, they are not providing food for her, and we all know it's nice to eat real food rather than hospital food. We are looking for help with meals while they are still going through this extremely hard time. We have made a wish list of gift cards seeing as they cannot warm up or keep food cold in their room this is the best option for them. Anything will help make this time a little easier. We know that we have a large community supporting the Miller family and if we all come together, we can help make this holiday season a little less stressful.

Special Notes

Deliveries need to be made to their room 1207 at St. John Tulsa.

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