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Family Shenanigans

Carthage, TN


Hi Family! I created this to help us electronically sign up for meals and post any updates that we need to keep track of! I want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to share their love through food, but also make sure that the same people are not cooking and cleaning every day. If your family cooks, you don't clean! :-) I figure that we will have a light breakfast on Thanksgiving, some appetizers and then the big late lunch/dinner. Maybe shoot for 3 pm? I will send a Thanksgiving dish sign up separately! I imagine that we will do leftovers on Friday so I have left that one blank. Check out is 11 am on Saturday but we will be leaving bright and early so it will be a fend for yourself kind of deal.

Special Notes

As a friendly reminder for when you are planning your meal, we will have 7 adults (Dad, Mary, David, Ashley, Jenn, Scott and Kris) 2 teens (15) (Fay and Conner) and 5 kiddos (B, Liam, Brighton, Haedyn, Astrid) I hope I am not missing any one...

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