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Janine's Slow Recovery from Ankle Surgery

Omaha, NE


The end-of-June 2020 I was moving furniture around the Chemistry Department (where I work). I dropped a heavy credenza (its like a horizontal file cabinet with extra storage space and drawers) on my foot and then banged my foot hard against a wooden door. At the time I thought I'd broke my foot, but the doctor never found anything . . . . . . after months of struggling with pain and considerable swelling around the ankle, the doctor sent me to a specialist who took X-Rays and an MRI determining that I had fractured two bones, including my Fibula at the bottom where it connects to the ankle, and then split two tendons down the middle, and tore multiple ligaments. He strongly recommended surgery; and I am having this on April 15, 2021. After the surgery, I will be on bedrest for a week before being allowed to move around on a limited basis. I will be in a splint for 3-4 weeks, and then be relegated to a 'boot.' There will be several months of physical therapy, as well. It is anticipated that I will be fully-recovered by mid-September (if all goes well).

Special Notes

It is just ME. If you are going to bring over something for me to eat, please do not bring me a dish that will involve a lot of leftovers. I can't explain it, but I am not a 'leftovers' fan. I am game for a number of different meals, but keep in mind that I do not care much for mayonnaise or mustard. I prefer salads over sandwiches, and it is really the wrong time of the year for soups. Desserts are okay and appreciated. You will most likely need to knock on the door and then let yourself in. You can text me to let me know you are coming and I will make sure that I am up. My house does not have a house # on it--it is a pink house. You would do best to come to the side door. NOTE: I have dogs and cats in the house with me. My dogs are small, but they do like to bark.

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