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Prayers for Matthew and Support for the Patterson Family

Tampa, FL


Matthew is a dad of 3 girls. He has a daughter of 12 years and a set of twin girls who are 5 with special needs.. A week ago Matthew Patterson went into the hospital because he did not feel week. His conditioned worsened within 12 hours upon his arrival. Within 24 hours he coded and is now on a ventilator. The good news, even though he went without oxygen, he is still showing some brain activity. We are all devastated by the events that have occurred in the last week. My brother’s expenses are already racking up as he did not have health insurance. He will most likely need long term care. I am setting up this page for my parents so they can have healthy meals and help with my brother’s expenses. They don’t like to go to the store because of Covid so meal delivery is best at this time.

Special Notes

My parents are very worried about Covid, please use all necessary precautions if dropping off meals.  

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