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Omar’s Family’s Meal Train

Katy, TX


It is with a heavy heart that this meal train is being created. Omar passed away yesterday & is now with my Aunt Mary who just passed away too. We are grieving the loss of both of them. Omar’s Mom’s kitchen is under construction & thought the meal train will help. If you are called to do so, please consider volunteering to be apart of this meal train for The Almazan family. News of a loved one passing always weighs heavily in our hearts and in our minds. Often times, that sadness can be consuming and we feel helpless in knowing how to help. Being that the Almazan’s have family both near and far, a meal train is a way we can take action and shower Omar’s family with love. If you are far, feel free to schedule a meal to be delivered to them. If you are near, cook a home cooked meal with love and deliver it to their front door. Thank you ❤️

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