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Marilyn Hogenmiller Get Well Soon Meal Train

St. Louis, MO


As you might know Marilyn Hogenmiller fell in the parking lot of their hotel in Kentucky on Thursday, September 2, 2021. They were in Kentucky about to embark on a Route 66 trip with some friends. Marilyn shattered her elbow in 3 places and broke her collar bone. They drove home and she was in so much pain checked herself into the hospital. Soon after she had surgery on her elbow. They surgery went well but during her healing process her health deterioted and went backwards instead of forwards. She has since then gotten better and is ready to go home soon. She will continue to work on her OT and PT but could use some help preparing meals for her and Dennis for the next couple of weeks.

Special Notes

Meals you provide could be low in sodium and fat. When in doubt a gift card to a restaurant or grocery store is much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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