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Evanston Hospital Emergency Department -- Meals for Staff

Evanston, IL


Our EVANSTON ER staff are working tirelessly to keep us all safe while we are staying home to keep them safe. Let's give back and help fuel them with meals at this critical time. This is also a chance to support our local restaurants and delivery drivers. STAY HOME AND HEALTHY, thus no home cooked meals please. NorthShore University Health System sends the following message- "We are grateful for all the food donations provided to our healthcare team through Give In Kind. There has been a wonderful outpouring of support for the hospital staff and it does not go unnoticed. We are truly fortunate to have such a caring community. Everyone at NorthShore is working together for the health and well being of the community during this epidemic. We are one team, and everyone is contributing to the care of all our patients." Please know that the food donation must comply with appropriate guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety. • Food must come from restaurants only and must be individually wrapped and sealed—no large tin family-style pans. Pizza is the ONLY exception  • Food must not contain nuts or nut products  • The hospital is unable to accept homemade foods— for precautionary measures and for the safety and protection of our entire staff and patients  • For your safety, please deliver the food to the main entrance of the hospital listed below. ER folks are not picky, and anything within these guidelines is welcome. For more questions about food donations please email [email protected]   STEPS 1) Select date/time of your choice by clicking "claim" to commit to sponsoring a lunch, dinner or coffee/snack time slots 2) QUANTITY - meals for 25 PEOPLE (doesn't have to be 25! anything will help). 3) You pick any local restaurant of your choice to place your order and utilize either their delivery service or Grub Hub/Uber Eats/Door Dash. NO PERSONAL DELIVERIES. NO GIFT CARDS. 4) In your claimed spot please specify where the delivery will be from and a brief description of what is ordered - this is very helpful for the hospital so they know what to expect. 5) Make sure to indicate to the restaurant or delivery service that delivery must be made at the specified time, to the specified location detailed below in special notes, and in compliance with all the guidelines listed herein. The Northshore Team sent us this message: “NorthShore University Health System is thankful for your food donation to the hospital. There has been a wonderful outpouring of support for the hospital staff and it does not go unnoticed. NorthShore feels truly fortunate to have such a caring community.” For more questions about food donations please email [email protected]     We understand that during this uncertain time this is a substantial financial ask so we hope that people create small groups to help spread the cost. Also, please keep your receipts and check with your accountants/tax preparers to find out if you can utilize this as a tax deductible donation. We are doing our part by staying home, but this is one small thing we can do as a community to mobilize behind those that must go to work to help our communities! Thank you so much for contributing during this difficult time and please visit our Facebook Page "GiveInKind Meals for Chicago Area COVID-19 Healthcare Workers"

Special Notes

******Please park right out front of Evanston Hospital Main entrance located at 2650 Ridge Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201, bring the food to the information desk inside the main entrance and let them know their Give InKind delivery has arrived! No need for the delivery person to call anyone when they arrive. They will have someone take the delivery from there. **Please understand as the situation continues to evolve hospitals will be regularly updating their policies, delivery instructions and time slots. If you claim a slot in the future PLEASE MAKE SURE to check back just before delivery for updated instructions! *On our Facebook page, you may find restaurants that have committed to offering special discounts to be used when ordering for a hospital. Please reach out if you are a restaurant owner and would like to participate. FB PAGE: GiveInKind Meals for Chicago Area COVID-19 Healthcare workers

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