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Kyra is getting a zombie knee!

Bella Vista, AR


For anyone who missed it, two years ago I decided it would be a great idea to teach some students how to jump double dutch. Spoiler alert: they still don't know how to jump double dutch. My knee decided it didn't want to function as a knee anymore, and down I went! With physical therapy, I was able to heal significantly! To a point. Turns out that between then and now, my ACL went from "damaged" to "obliterated." This is not ideal. So after two years of delays due to things such as not wanting to teach on crutches and the world being on fire and undergoing a global pandemic, the time has finally come for me to get surgery! I'll have a cadaver ACL grafted into place- yay! Zombie knee!- and then begin the long healing process. Doc says it'll be between 4-6 weeks until I'm up to basic daily tasks, 6 months to a year until I'm back to "normal" (or as close to normal as I ever get!) I've had several people ask about setting up a meal train, gift lists, what I need, etc., and this seemed like the best way to get everything organized. No pressure, don't put yourself out, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

Special Notes

Brussel sprout allergy! Please wear a mask if you come by and are unvaccinated. We don't need meals for every single day, but I opened the calendar so people could select the days that work best for them, and we'll fill in the blank. I'll adjust things as we see how I heal and when I can get back to dinner duty myself!

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