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Support for The Smiths

Saint Augustine, FL


Josh Smith - if you know him, you love him. He is a true man of faith, a family man and someone who would gladly offer the shirt off of his back, if he thought it would help someone. In mid-July, Josh contracted COVID-19. A week later, he was hospitalized. A week after that, Josh was moved to the ICU at Baptist Beaches hospital in Jacksonville Beach, FL. He was intubated and placed on a ventilator because he was unable to get enough oxygen to sustain his body. His wife, Renee, and daughter, Lily are surrounded by family and loved ones. But, as they go through their daily routine: Wake up, pray, wait for an update, try and go through some sort of normalcy, maybe eat….pray more…wait for the evening update…try and sleep…They can always use some additional support. Providing a gift card for meals or other needed items would be a wonderful to show your support and help out this beautiful family.