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Support for Katie Post Surgery

Portland, OR


Katie is unexpectedly having cervical spine (ACDF) surgery on Thursday April 1st. A family member will be staying with her at least the first couple of weeks but we are expecting to need additional support for errands, meals, and transportation for a few weeks post surgery. Thank you so much for helping out! She loves you!!! 💜🙏🏽❤️ We’re unsure of what exactly be needed and when - unpredictable errands and transportation to appointments are some examples.  Please check back for updates as we figure this out and things progress  🚗🙏🏽⏱

Special Notes

Please expect to drop off food or other items, masked up.  Based on our understanding, it will be a couple of weeks before she is up for visitors.  😷🏡🤿 She does not have a microwave.  Disposable containers are optimal. 🍽👍🏽 Food - Meals will be for Calvin, family member and Katie (appetite etc allowing).  No restrictions per se but she does try to minimize dairy and gluten. However, there’s also a giant teenager and another adult to feed so a nice combination of comfort and healthy would be great. 🥦🌮🍝🍪🥗

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