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Cajka Family

Butler, PA


Braxton was just released from the hospital and they are trying to get both him and his sister healthy from RSV, it's been a long week and they're all exhausted. We will only need meals for 3 as Braxton isn't eating solids yet.

Special Notes

There are no allergies to be concerned about but please avoid mushrooms! Chelsea did say that toddler meals would be the most helpful so anything that is provided please make sure that it is toddler friendly and something a 4 year old would like! :) They also said gift cards to McDonald's or Villa Grande would be great! I added the ability to get them Door Dash or Visa gift cards so they can order what they would like, otherwise you can get a digital gift card for either place and email it to her! For drop offs they asked that the food be left on the porch and for you to send them a text to let them know it is there. They don't want to share germs!

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