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A Little Love for Nadja's Ankle Angst

Urbana, IL


Hey pals, I am having surgery on the 14th (romantic!) and I will need some support afterwards. Biggest needs are a few days of meal delivery plus a week or two of cat care, taking out the trash & recycling, and keeping me company. For the first 2 weeks I need to keep my foot elevated 80% of the time so I'm going to be pretty immobile. The bestest lady and most spectacular woman, Josie, has offered to coordinate my care from 2,000 miles away. If you’d like to help out, please email Josie at [email protected] I am just a tiny bit independent and really hate asking for help and relying on people and I appreciate y’all.

Special Notes

Food preferences: - Mostly anything as long as it's vegetarian/vegan. - I don't like vegan cheese (so gloopy) - Pasta isn't my favorite but I'm really not picky. - Yes tofu, yes all vegetables, even things like brussels sprouts and eggplant. Local places: 🌶️Siam Terrace: pad Thai woon sen, any of the mock duck dishes, any curry with tofu. 🍲Xinh xinh: tofu bahn mi, vermicelli bowl, basically anything 🍛Any Indian restaurant: anything vegetarian, I like both rice and naan. 🥡Any Chinese restaurant: anything with tofu, spicy eggplant, green beans. 🌯Maize: veggie tacos, vegetarian burrito 🥙Shawarma Joint: rice bowl with falafel. Pretty much all the toppings options are good by me. Pet care needs: 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈 I have 3 cats, Nemo, Nadine, and Prudence. They have free access to dry food all day but I give them wet food in the morning and afternoon. They also need their litter boxes cleaned. Prudence in particular is high energy and would love some playtime.

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