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Derek & Ruthie Trachsel’s Recovery Support

Boring, OR


This meal train is put together to help support the Trachsel family while they focus on Derek’s recovery. Let’s rally around this amazing family and show them the support and love they have shown so many of us. How can you help? There are so many ways! Meal planning/cooking is one less thing for them to have to worry about on the daily. Grocery shopping once a week for needed food staples is another way to help. (Please see special dietary notes below and feel free to message Ruthie with any questions.) Recovery is a long process. It will be at least 2 months that Derek will be unable to return to work. It is hard to ask for help but any donations given that can help with the monthly bills would also be a blessing. (A link to Ruthie’s Venmo is included below if that is your preferred method of support.) We will continue to update this page as their needs change. Thank you for your continued support!

Special Notes

Derek is on a healthy heart diet- mostly veggies, fish and chicken but other food types are appreciated too! Please, no spicy foods though.

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