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Post-Surgery Love and Support for Heidi, Mike and the Kids

Tacoma, WA


Hello Loved Ones! Thank you so much for visiting our InKind. So many people have asked where to get updates, offer help or even send food to show us love as I, Heidi, heal from this surgery. And we have decided (of course) on this wonderful resource made available by our amazing friends, Laura and James. Surgery is scheduled for 7/21/21 at 12:30. We are checking in at 11:30. The procedures should take approx 4 hours and will be done in their onsite surgical suite and recovery. I will stay in recovery for about an hour and then we will be headed home. The boys are familiar with what is happening, and looking forward to spending extra time with Sissy while mom is having "feel better surgery" and later, recovering at home. We don't know what needs to expect, so please stay tuned by following this page. We will also provide all updates here. Thank you!!

Special Notes

No dietary restrictions. Kids are not a fan of spicy foods! :) Heidi is intolerant to dairy- but self regulating... so don't hesitate on that Mac N Cheese or lasagna... the kids and Mike will love it. Thanks xo

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