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Love and Support for Wyatt Little

Allen, TX


If you’re here, you know Wyatt and/or the Little’s in some way.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support of this family....   As you probably know by now, Wyatt was in a serious ATV accident on Tuesday, March 9th. He was care-flighted to Dallas Children’s were he immediately went into surgery to clean and start the process of repairing his extensive injuries. His worst injury being the elbow. It was dislocated at the joint and the Ulnar bone was broken and is missing a piece, there is damage to the nerve and severe degloving there and on his calf.  The bones in his foot were broken, the deep ankle laceration was able to be mended and are watching for good continued blood supply to that area. Multiple other scrapes and bruises of course, but he never lost consciousness and there are no signs of head or other body trauma. While at Children’s for the first week, Wyatt needed 3 surgeries just to flush his wounds before any other procedures could be done. He has since been transferred to Scottish Rite for more specialized surgeries and treatment. We are praying for full recovery of both his arm and leg...healing of the broken bones in his foot and skin around his ankle and calf - function and feeling for his arm, hand and fingers. If you know Wyatt, he has an infectious smile and tries to stay in good spirits but has had a lot of ups and downs. He is very lucky to be alive and we are forever grateful to everyone who helped take care of him!!! ❤️ ~ Wyatt’s Family

Special Notes

Looking for ways to help? This page was created to organize all the ways you can help the family with immediate hospital needs and long term help.  Below are some ideas and important notes about this page....   💙 - Please send lots prayers, love, and good thoughts for Wyatt and the team of professionals surrounding him. They are so appreciated.    💙 - Wyatt is HOME!!.  After 38 days in the hospital he is home, but they are still having to travel to the hospital 3-4 days a week for monitoring and therapy.  You can help ease a little daily stress by sponsoring a meal.  The meal train sign up sheet is below.  (You can drop off or pop in for a visit if our patient is up for company ☺️) 💙 - Even more options (Wyatt’s Amazon Wishlist, etc) are available below to help with long term cost and needs that this family will no doubt have.  *The buttons are easy to miss but they are just under this post.  Thank you again for loving on The Littles!  They are so blessed to have you all.   Love ~ Tracee (Wyatt’s Aunt)    *this page only asks for your email so you can see updates and get reminders if you choose to help in any way. 

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