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Supporting the Foster’s

Lexington, KY


We prayed that if this surgery was on God’s path, it would be approved. “You will make your prayer to him, and he will hear you, and you will pay your vows.” Job 22:27 Mary is set to have surgery on February 13th that will alleviate pain, medical struggles and future medical complications. This is Mary’s third surgery in a little over a year. Also, the family’s 4th surgical experience in a little over a year. The estimated recovery time for this surgery is 4-6 weeks due to Mary’s immune system and medical issues. This procedure is going to improve her health so much, and she needs her support network to ensure a full and speedy recovery. She will need help with things like preparing meals, taking meds, showering, getting around the house, running errands, and just spending time together which all will be directed to her husband, Jaleel as well as family obligations. Contributions in any form are hugely appreciated!! Thank you SO much for your support for Mary and her family <3

Special Notes

Due to Mary’s immunity visiting at the beginning of her home recovery is not advised by her doctors. Mary’s dietary guidelines are low carbohydrate; however, her family has no restrictions and all contributions to make meal time for her family easier is Mary’s wish. Places frequently shopped: Walmart Amazon Meijer Kroger Examples of fav foods: Food places near: Buffalo Wild Wings Texas Roadhouse Ramsey’s Olive Garden Five Guys Tropical Smoothie Wendy’s KFC Culver’s Mc Donald’s Chil Fil A Favs: Texas Roadhouse Culver’s Wendy’s Chick Fil A

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