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Love for Shelly Feller "Burt" & Family

Decatur, IL


Shelly Feller, aka "Burt" went into the emergency room on December 5th with pain in her knee from an injury a few weeks prior. After thinking she has arthritic sepsis, they went in immediately for surgery as things progressed. Fortunately, the infection was not in the bone. The doctor's had to repair her meniscus and all of the tendons cartilage that was torn up. Burt's family are coming together to get through this unexpected obstacle, and Shelly is now home and healing! It won't be an easy journey and Burt, her husband and their two children could really use our love and support. She must continue antibiotics through her picc line for the next four weeks. Because of the picc line, Shelly can't go home because her dog will rip it out. This has put quite a strain on her husband and kids, as well as her mother and father who are caring for her. She is now responsible for her own physical therapy and is very limited in what she can do at this time. She can't lift more than 10 lbs and must guard her arm at all times. Burt and her family live in Decatur and could use prayers and assistance with meals, groceries, backlogged bills from this unexpected hospital stay, and childcare arrangements that have had to been made. The Veterans of Log Base Seitz are here to support our members. If you would like to help Shelly and her family, you can send a donation via PayPal or Venmo to the VLBS or sign-up to order/organize/deliver a meal. The Feller and Burton Family would like to send their love and appreciation to everyone. From the bottom of their heart, they say thank you!.

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