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Meals to Heal for Kiersten & Tyler


To start, please know that both Kiersten and Tyler are home. They are recovering from the following: During the severe thunderstorms and flash flood warnings for Philadelphia this past Saturday night (July 17, 2021), Tyler and Kiersten’s sedan stalled after hitting a patch of water on I-95 near Penn’s Landing. Tyler pulled over to the shoulder of the highway; they reached out to both AAA and a family member for help. Shortly thereafter, their vehicle was slammed into by a Dodge truck, crushing the entire rear of their car. Thank God they were wearing their seatbelts. Both were rattled, but not injured. To their disbelief, the Dodge truck fled the scene. Then, their already damaged vehicle was struck by a second car. Tyler was temporarily knocked unconscious. Kiersten was screaming. Though stunned, Tyler regained consciousness and immediately tried to exit the vehicle. His driver’s side door was pinned against the wall of an overpass. He climbed out of a passenger side window. Tyler struggled to open Kiersten's door from the outside. The front passenger door was severely compromised. When he could not get it open, he climbed back into the vehicle and began kicking the door out. When he succeeded and removed Kiersten from the car, he could see she was bleeding profusely. Her injuries were life threatening. A Good Samaritan who witnessed both impacts, had rushed to their aid amidst all of this. After 15 minutes, law enforcement and emergency vehicles had not arrived. Concerned with the amount of blood, the Good Samaritan offered to drive both Kiersten and Tyler to the local hospital where they were immediately taken to the trauma unit. Friends and family who have expressed wanting to help in a tangible way: the best way to help Kiersten and Tyler, now that they are back home in their apartment, is through their bellies. Kiersten has strict medical directives and basically needs to stay in bed. Tyler, though amazing in many ways, is not skilled in the kitchen. In addition to the relentless paperwork and doctor appointments they now have, dinner is a challenge. Prayers and positive thoughts are most requested. Any and all forms of love going in Kiersten and Tyler's direction is deeply appreciated. On behalf of Kiersten & Tyler, and both of their families, thank you.

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