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Wilson, TX


Sweet Navy is the precious daughter of Patrick and Candice Watrin (and the baby sister of Oliver and Barrett). Navy was diagnosed with CDH (Congenital Diaphramatic Hernia) at 20 weeks... in the womb. (To learn more about CDH, watch this brief video - ) She has been a FIGHTER from before she was even born. She came into this world full of personality and the princess of all princesses. After months in the hospital with surgeries, tests, and so much more... she was finally able to go home! (refer to the #prayfornavy video posted on this page for more on the first months of her journey!) However, she has had many ups and downs since she's been home. Recently, she had a small procedure in regards to her feeding tube in the hospital near the Watrin home. The hope was that this would be all that she needed. Unfortunately, she did not respond well and has been life-flighted today (June 24th, 2021) to Dallas to have a more invasive surgery ASAP. She will be in recovery at minimum a month. Please keep the doctors and the family in your prayers. We will continue to keep you updated as more info comes in. Also, did I mention that they are moving from Lubbock, Texas to Midland, Tx in the midst of all of this???? So any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!!

Special Notes

The Lubbock address is for anyone who will be helping out in Lubbock with packing and child care. Please refrain from mailing anything to the Lubbock address as they will be moving in a couple of weeks. Once they move onto their new home, we will update the address. Utilize Candice venmo and/or email to send any gift cards their way. I know they are appreciative for all the help and prayers!

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