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Columbus, IN


Below is a message from Avery’s mom that is on her go fund me page.  This is designed to donate gift cards to food places, and even grub hub or door dash.  We can’t do a true meal train, due to them being in the hospital with their sweet boy.  If you can donate, please do, if you can’t, please share this.  We appreciate all of the support, and I know Avery’s parents are grateful to each and everyone of you guys for supporting and praying in this critical time.   Message from his momma below: As some may already know, our sweet boy was admitted back into Riley last week. Avery is a 3 month premature who weighed only 1 pound and along his journey, he has been diagnosed with chronic lung disease & pulmonary hypertension which is what has put him in the situation he is in now. Avery’s heart and lungs are very sick. The veins around Avery’s heart are to small and narrow to successfully pump blood throughout his body into his lungs. Avery’s lungs are very sick. He has pneumonia in both of his lungs from aspiration, along with them never being fully developed. Avery is now 7 months old and has spent over half his life in the hospital fighting for his life. He’s now on life support and had an emergency heart surgery yesterday. We are taking it day by day and seeing what the day brings. We’re praying for a miracle. Along with this comes us having to be by his side. My income was the only income in our home. We do not receive any assistance. I’ve had to leave work to be with my son. We’re unsure of how long we will have to be here and what the next 3 days will bring. We’re asking for any donations to help with bills and expenses. We aren’t able to leave Avery’s side at this time. We truly hate to reach out to this point, but we’re left with no choice. We’re also asking for prayers. Any donations and prayers are more than appreciated. Thank you to everyone❤️

Special Notes

If you purchase a gift card, it will be directly emailed to Alli.  Since we can’t do the traditional meal train, gift cards for them is the best option.  Please continue to pray for Avery and his family, and thank you for your support.

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