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Lawyers Lending a Hand

Rochester, NY


Lawyers Lending a Hand supports the dedicated healthcare workers in our Rochester, New York community. The staff at Vahey Getz LLP, a local majority-women owned law firm, started this page to lend a helping hand and show our gratitude and appreciation to those in our community on the front lines. This page will support the staff of the Rochester area hospitals. Our hope is to provide forms of support such as gift cards for food and coffee, monetary donations to go towards purchasing more gift cards and items staff is in need of, as well as collecting hospital PPE such as N95 masks and gloves. We want to make sure these vital members of our community are well fed and supported during this time of crisis. Since most of us are quarantined in our homes while healthcare workers risk their lives on a daily basis, consider setting aside that $15 a week you may spend on coffee and put it towards our workers in need. Thank you for your support! Please note: Any item you wish to donate will be delivered directly to the hospitals in the Rochester, NY area by Vahey Getz staff.

Special Notes

We are also looking for anyone who has N95 masks that can be donated. These can be arranged to be dropped off to one of our Vahey Getz staff members by emailing Stephanie at