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About Caring for Camden

This isn’t the way a parent would want to celebrate their child’s first month of life but this is our journey and part of Camden’s story. Tuesday at 1:00 I felt something wasn’t right with Camden and when feeding him noticed his right arm was weird looking. I went with my mom gut and took him to the dr at 2:00. We then were sent to cooks children in downtown Fort Worth in their teddy bear ambulance for more testing. At the ER he then got bloodwork done, xrays, CT scan and a spinal tap, sonogram and more blood work to then learn he had fluid in his right and left shoulders. With him being 4 weeks old that indicates an infection and then we were admitted into the hospital. We then had to withhold food from him (bottles) till he had an MRI the next morning. The MRI verified the fluid/infection and also shows it has gotten bigger. We then are rushed to the OR for surgery and they drain the fluid and clean the shoulder joints and bone. He is recovering well and the surgery went good but our journey has just started. Apparently infections in the joints and bones in Nuero babies are very serious and now we are waiting for the lab results in what this infections is or could be. Then the infectious disease team will come in and know what antibiotics to use. We were told to prepare to be here at least a few weeks and maybe more but we are praying hard that it won’t be more hen a few weeks. So here we are...Camden is the strongest, bravest and most precious boy and we love him tremendously! I know this isn’t an ideal place to be for a one month celebration but here we are and happy to be here with him!!! As a great friend has been telling never know how strong you are until you have to be!! Never truer words!! Mommy and daddy love you camden!! ❤️❤️❤️

Special Notes: 

The Smith family are looking at spending quite a few weeks in the hospital and we would like to help them in any way possible.  We would also like to be able to help after they arrive home since the medical bills will be large.  Thank you to all that are will to help!  No diet restrictions but we want to make sure any food delivered is kid friendly as well.