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We Love Our Maaz Family

Houston, TX


Hi Maaz Friends and Family. As most of you know Tammy had whipple surgery last month and has been down for a month. Unfortunately there were complications and she ended up back in the hospital then was admitted into ICU. Although she had a scary 3 or 4 days she is doing much better and has been moved to a regular room now. She will have a long road to recovery so we were thinking they would need a little help with meals and a few other things. The family is requesting to have meals dropped off every other day as they don't want to have too much food they have to throw it away. Now you can also send gift cards. I'm sure they would love to be able to order food. There should be a link at the bottom to purchase Doordash gift cards. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Special Notes

Meals will begin on August 23rd. No food allergies known. Please enter your name and what you are bringing in the desired date. This way we know who to thank. If you choose to purchase Doordash, dollar amount will be sent directly to Tammy's email and the girls or Eric can add it to her account. Thanks again!

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