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Bob's Road to Recovery

Lenexa, KS


Dad was first diagnosed with COVID-19 on February 20th. On the 27th, he was admitted to Advent Health, where he remained until March 6th. He was then sent home, where he struggled to maintain his health for over three weeks. Finally, on April 1st, he was rushed back to the hospital where he was first placed in the ICU for a week, then moved to pulmonary care for another four. When he gained enough strength, he was then placed at Brookdale in Shawnee for rehab and worked very hard over the following two weeks to gain enough strength to function on his own. Finally, on May 20th, he was released to finally return home. He's week and a little wobbly, but he's thankful to be alive and home. While I am here often to help him, I cannot be here enough to cover all of his bases, all of the time. He's still too week to do all of his own cooking, cleaning, and housekeeping...regardless, he's working hard to get stronger. We all know he's a superhero, and that he will make a full recovery in time. However, during this time of healing, he and I both could use a little help getting him all the way "over the hump" as he recovers from the long-term effects this virus has had on him. Thank you for visiting and have a lovely day! Much love, -Gabe

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