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Supporting Chanzee ❤️

Selma, IN


Our beloved bestie/co-worker/friend/hairdresser/family member/and over all amazing human, Chanzee, has a hysterectomy scheduled for 1/29/24. I wanted to create a way to support her and her family as she recovers from this major surgery. We all know she will not rest 🙄 and will be back on her feet way too soon. We can at least make sure she doesn’t have to worry about meals. If you can, please sign up to drop off a meal to help her through her recovery. ❤️ If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me personally.

Special Notes

No food allergies or preferences! She said her and the kids will eat anything. If you’d prefer to send a gift card you can do so through this site, it goes to her email, or you can drop one off.

Care Calendar