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For Kiara to help her heal and have some delicious food.


February 9th, I was approaching an intersection when a vehicle blew through a red light and I had no time to react and ended up T boning him. It was a total loss of my car. When I knew there was nothing I could do I put my hands over my face and braced for impact. My left hand instantly started hurting after everything came to an end. Long story short I was taken by ambulance to the hospital and thankfully nothing was found to be broken but I am left with some serious ligament and tendon damage to my hand. Well as a hairstylist I kind of need both my hands to work. I definitely have a lot of whiplash pains (to be expected) but the pain in my hand is so incredibly bad. I am scheduled to see an orthopedic surgeon Wednesday. Positive side of all this is that I get to still hold my babies and tell my family and friends that I Love them.

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