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David's Better Back 2021

Redding, CA


On June 9th, David is having spinal fusion surgery on his lower back. This surgery will hopefully lead the way to a brighter future for David. As most of us are aware, he has been dealing with spinal issues for his entire adult life; this procedure will hopefully pave the way for some much needed healing. However, he will be down and out for quite some time after that. Any help from family and friends would be greatly appreciated. We are hoping to receive some help specifically with meal prep and are setting up a meal train you can sign up on to bring a casserole, pot of spaghetti, pulled pork sandwiches, etc - or if you are out of the area, you can sign up to buy a gift card that he can use to order in with! Furthermore, we would love a bit of help with grocery shopping, and/or whatever else you could think of. There may be a need for a ride, or something similar, we'll do our best to have it on the calendar. Furthermore, just because we didn't create a 'ask' for a particular day, doesn't mean you can't do something special that day, our schedule is open to your schedule :) Please feel free to call, text, email, send cards, etc. just know he may be resting and can't visit that moment, but he truly appreciates the love. Lets show some support to the man who is always there to support. Thoughts and well wishes for a speedy recovery are always in need too. Thank you <3

Special Notes

He really does like pulled pork & fresh spaghetti - Italian style of course! He likes noosa yogurt, salami, cheese, crackers, apples, any kind of berry, fresh produce, 1/2 & 1/2 in his coffee, bacon, eggs, & ICE CREAM of course! If you have any questions, just ask :)

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