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Love for Manu

Madison, WI


Dear friends and family, I wanted to let you know that our dear Manu will be undergoing shoulder surgery on January 17th. The recovery process requires her not to move her arm for the following two weeks. During this time, she won't be able to lift anything or perform tasks that require lifting due to the restrictions from the surgery. As many of you know, Manu has her lovely dog, Moumou, who will need to go outside regularly. Additionally, she'll require extra help and support as she won't be able to manage certain tasks independently. Your assistance during these two weeks would be immensely appreciated. Whether it's helping with Moumou, running errands, or providing any form of support, your help will make a significant difference in her recovery journey. Your support means the world to Manu, and it will truly make her recovery smoother and more comfortable. Thank you all for your care and willingness to assist during this period. Best regards, Pascal

Special Notes

If you're unable to assist in person but would still like to support Manu during her recovery, a gift card for food delivery services would be immensely helpful. As she won't be able to cook for herself and will be spending most of her time in a reclining chair for two weeks, having some meals delivered would be a great relief for her. Additionally, a thoughtful treat or gesture would undoubtedly lift her spirits during this challenging time. Your kindness and consideration for Manu's well-being are greatly appreciated.

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