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Purcell Family Of 6 In Emergency Traumatic Crisis Need & Support

Gurnee, IL


👋🏼Hi, my name is Ashlee. I am organizing this Meal Train for our family friends, The Purcell’s. On June 29th, 2021 in the wee hours of the night, the Purcell’s world was turned upside down and was forever traumatically changed. Kandice Purcell, a loving wife & mama of 4, shockingly found her life-less husband, Carl, hanging from their garage ceiling after attempting to take his own life. Sadly their 10 year old son also witnessed all of this as well. They were able to get help from some near by neighbors to finally get him down. Carl was rushed by ambulance to the hospital while repeatedly seizing and fighting for his life. Thankfully, by the grace of God, Carl pulled through and is currently still in the hospital recovering. Unfortunately, doctors are guesstimating his recovery period to be anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks at least. Kandice is now solely having to be the backbone to her family and take on some extra serious responsibilities & hardships until he’s recovered from treatments and returns home. It would be such a blessing if you could help this family out with a meal which will alleviate some of the daily duties, struggles and stresses that they are currently battling with. If you want to help with a meal and can’t or are not local you can donate gift cards online for take out or have a meal delivered too. When we experience stormy seasons of life, sometimes we need all the help and support we can get to pull through. Especially with 4 kids and all on your own. (I speak with experience). Blessing this beautiful family with meal a day can really make all the difference. Please help spread this need of help to bring more awareness to it. As well as keeping them in your thoughts and prayers. 😇God Bless😇

Special Notes

You can read more about the Purcell’s current emergency crisis situation in Kandice Purcell’s own writing on this GoFundMe link:

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