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Helping Gloria Recover

Green Valley, AZ


My mom has had issues with her ileostomy since she first had it this will be I believe the 3rd (possibly 4th) time she has had to have the site moved this time it is because she has a large hernia underneath it that is also pulling her intestines into it. She usually has a bit of recovery time after these surgeries as it takes he body a while to recover. She will need to be on bed rest after for at least a couple weeks in order to allow everything to heal up properly. I would like her to not have to worry about cooking meals or how she is going to be able to get groceries she will have some friends to help as well as I will be down there shortly after her surgery to help her recuperate. Any questions or comments please let me know. I will update as we get information.

Special Notes

this depends on how the surgery goes and what they allow I will update as we know more.

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