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Love for Carrie!

Des Plaines, IL


Hello family and friends! As many of you know, Carrie is preparing for two preventative surgeries soon related to testing positive for the BRCA1 gene. I thought I'd reach out to share ways that we can help support her as she physically and emotionally recovers from surgeries related to the double mastectomy. Her first surgery related to the double mastectomy is on August 19th and she'll be out of work for 4/5 weeks and unable to drive for two weeks. Her second surgery will be in late October or early November and she'll be out for six weeks/unable to drive for 2 weeks as well. As you can see it will be a tough couple of months for her. While she's grateful she has medical leave with work, it is at a reduced pay which also adds to the stresses. Since so many of us are scattered all around the country I thought a gift card donation drive would be the perfect substitute for a meal train! (Casseroles certainly welcome though if you really want to make the drive, ha!) You are also invited to send a supportive text or to send a card snail mail - see the info on this page to do that as well. I know it will lift her spirits! Carrie has a heart bigger than anyone I know...let's show her some love during this challenging time!! Thank you so much for thinking of her and for your love and generosity! Love, Sarah P.S. If you missed Carrie's post on Facebook, here is her story in her own beautiful words: ~ ~ ~ Hello to all friends and family. I hesitated on sharing my story, but feel it’s so important to spread awareness. As many of you know my mom (Diane), and maternal grandmother (Elizabeth) both passed away from Breast Cancer. Fall of 2020, I decided to get tested for the BRCA gene. I tested positive for BRCA1. I have an 85% chance of getting Breast Cancer if I am not proactive. It’s been a journey, starting with a full hysterectomy which I already completed. In the next weeks I’ll be starting part 1of2 of a double mastectomy. It’s very emotional, thinking of my mom as I walk through each step. I know she’s in my heart, and wants me to live a full healthy life. This experience feels very isolating, but I know I’m not the only one facing this. I want to break the silence and share how important it is to be proactive. Sending love and good health to all of my loved ones.

Special Notes

Carrie won't be able to drive for two weeks after her second surgery, so gift cards for food delivery services or restaurants that deliver are VERY appreciated!! Thank you! A note from Sarah, Carrie's sister: if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected] or text/call me at 239-201-0112. Thanks!