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Annie’s shoulder surgery food train support

Pensacola, AS


In June I had my right shoulder fall out of the socket and caused a “Bankart tear” which requires surgery. I’ve scheduled the surgery for the afternoon of October 18th, 2021 & for a month I will be sling bound, for 3 months I won’t be able to lift or bare weight ( and most likely will be 6 months before I’m back to 100%.) My mother and mother in law will be coming into town to help take care of me but, to make things easier I’ve decided to create this page if people want to help with cooking/ buying meals, sending gift cards to places like Target, CVS or Publix ect or helping with childcare. I also have Venmo ( @Ann-Margaret-Stahl ) and PayPal if you want to contribute money. I’m feeling anxious about not being able to work or contribute to my family financially or energetically at this time so anything helps and is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance 🥰🙏

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