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Growth & Healing for Trina

Irving, TX


Hello, I hope this message finds you well! My name is Trina, and I'm reaching out to you with a dream that has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember – to take my first trip out of the country. Growing up, I've always been fascinated by different cultures, cuisines, and landscapes. The desire to explore the world has been burning within me, and now, I have an opportunity to make it a reality. I'm starting a fundraising campaign on to raise funds for my dream international adventure. The funds raised will cover travel expenses, accommodation, and local experiences, allowing me to immerse myself in a new and enriching environment. This journey is not just about visiting landmarks; it's about personal growth, broadening my horizons, and creating lasting memories. Your support means the world to me, and I am committed to sharing my journey with you through updates and photos. As a token of my appreciation, I will create a blog or vlog series documenting the entire adventure, bringing the sights and sounds of the new culture directly to you. I believe that travel has the power to open minds, foster understanding, and create connections that transcend borders. By contributing to this campaign, you're not just helping me embark on my dream adventure, but you're also becoming a part of the journey itself. Every donation, no matter the size, brings me one step closer to this life-changing experience. Thank you for considering supporting my dream, and I can't wait to share the incredible moments and experiences with you all. With gratitude, Trina