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Loving on Steve & Mary Lou

Stuart, FL


Steve & Mary Lou are the most selfless, generous, loving, fun people ever; we are so thankful to the Lord to have them as parents! As you know, we have been navigating the dementia journey with our mom, Mary Lou. Time together is a treasure to our parents and we are setting up a schedule to bless them with time. They love sitting and talking/listening, games, walks, Hallmark movies, looking a photo books and enjoying a meal with friends and family. If you are able to sign up once a month, that would be super helpful. Thank you for your love & support, Keri, Troy, Bryce, and Brandon Instructions to sign up: 1. Scroll down to "Care Support" 2. You must create an account to sign up. 3. To create an account, click on an available "I'll help" slot and type your email and create a password. (All the available needs are labeled "Adult/Senior Care". Once you have created an account and clicked on an available date, you will see a more detailed description of the need on the first window.) 4. See the description in the first window, click "Next" 5. Enter the information and "Confirm" If you have questions, call or text Keri 317-460-5591.

Special Notes

It would be great if you would consider hanging out with them in two different ways: Steve & Mary Lou together and/or just with Mary Lou. If you are hanging out with both of them, Steve can drive to meet up with you. It’s best to go to their house to spend time with Mary Lou. She is not excited about riding in the car with anyone other than our dad.

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