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Meals for Kristin's Family

Holland, MI


Hello Family & Friends, This past week has been a whirlwind for our family member. It has been very emotional for friends and family near and far. We have received some news nobody wants to hear about their loved one. Louie is fighter and will continue to fight this battle but he needs all the prayers he can get. If you are a friend or family member you know that Louie has always been there for others. Let's try to help by doing our part. Per the request of Louie's mother she asks that we get help for Kristin & the kids ❤ With that being said, we would like to help by providing meals for the family starting March 12th. She is doing the best she can while working full time caring for the kids. (Please note: We will continue to add days to this as needed) If you feel like you are able to help please sign up for a meal and or groceries. If you are unable to deliver a meal but would like to sign up for a day you may do a monetary donation for a meal through PayPal: @ATBridges. Please put in the memo "Meal for Kristin's Family" If there is a certain meal you would like picked up for them you can let me know. Please continue to pray and send positive vibes to both families during this time. 🙏❤

Special Notes

Please wear a mask if you are delivering meals to help protect the family from illness. Thank you. ❤

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