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Meal train for the Malone’s


On February 14, 2024, our family received a text that someone had brutally assaulted Stacy in her home in Kearney while her kids were home and her husband was at work. Currently, Stacy is in the ICU with multiple fractures to her face and significant bruising on her body. Stacy is conscious, and she can say a few words, but is still unable to open her eyes from all the swelling. Stacy has an artery in her neck that is also not working properly from the attack, so she will need to be on blood thinners for a few months, and they are monitoring it for low risk of a stroke. During this time, we ask our community to come around this family and cover them with love and blessings. If you can help, please sign up, to provide a meal or send a gift card for the family to purchase a meal. Please keep Stacy, and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

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