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Supporting the Wells Family

Chattanooga, TN


On Sunday, Erika Wells experienced an injury while working in their yard that cut the back of her ankle, resulting in the need for 20 stitches. She will need to be off her feet for some time. As a church and school community, we at HIckory Valley want to rally around them to show our support. They have quickly become such great members of HVCS and HVCC, and we just want to offer meal support and other assistance as needed to share the love of Christ with this sweet family.

Special Notes

Erika says no special restrictions, allergies, or food sensitivities, and that they are all pretty easy going about types of food. No special delivery instructions. It would be helpful to text Erika with your planned time of delivery and maybe again when you are on the way. Text her at 423/718-9161.

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