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Shelby Woodrome

Huntsville, TX


So the time is here Shelby is getting her new kidney and we are so happy for her as this has been a long awaited journey. We would like to help the first week with meals so that Bryce may give his full attention to Shelby and assisting her in healing after the transplant.

Special Notes

What not to eat after kidney transplant? During the early stages after a transplant, while you're on higher doses of immunosuppressant medicine, you should avoid eating foods that carry a high risk of food poisoning, including: unpasteurized cheese, milk or yoghurt. foods containing raw eggs (such as mayonnaise) undercooked or raw meats, fish and shellfish. Favorite Meals or Restaurants Fav: chicken for me. Steak for Bryce We like broccoli squash zucchini for veggies Least Favorite Meals Least fav: lasagna Special Instructions If you are so generous and kind to make a meal or deliver food to Bryce and Shelby please drop off at the front door. That first week we would like to minimize as much germs as possible as we want to protect Shelby’s new kidney.

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