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Walking Alongside Josiah and Laura As He Heals

Fort Worth, TX


Recently, Josiah was involved in a serious dirt bike accident and had to have exploratory surgery, where they discovered a hole in his colon. After a few days, they sent him home to recover and while painful and difficult, he seemed to be “ok,” until his oxygen started dropping. He went back to the hospital only to find out he needed another exploratory surgery. They found the area that was previously fixed had burst open and Josiah was in rough shape. He needs our prayers for healing and he needs support for his family as he will be in the hospital for awhile and then recovering at home. Please consider walking alongside Josiah and his wife Laura who have four children to care for, as well as a new baby coming in December. Your prayers, making a meal, sending them a gift card for dinner, or any donations will surely be a blessing.

Special Notes

If you are dropping off a meal at their house, google maps has not added their house yet, and often times their address comes up as Arlington, Texas, but they do not live in Arlington, they live in Fort Worth. Please text me, Ashley Carter for any help with their address.

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