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Love and support for the Vanmeter family

Camas, WA


Hi neighbor's I am a mother of 3 kids with disabilities twins with autism on level 3 that are 4 years old and a 9 year old girl that has severe anxiety and sensory issues. They need my constant attention. I am doing this by myself my husband works 60-70 hrs a week just to keep us afloat and he can't do much to help me with the kiddos. my biggest problem is getting dinner done. I am asking for help with dinner meals if you would be willing to make or send a meal for our family it would be so much appreciated. One of my little guys Is going through something and we can't figure it out he screams all day and night like he's in pain. We have been to the ER, and pediatrician many many times and even the dentist. We got a few things resolved but he is still screaming and it's really rough on everyone. I can't get anything done let alone getting dinner done. Not getting much sleep. The other kiddos are of course getting upset from all the screaming. I wish I could upload a video so you can see exactly what I'm talking about but that wouldn't be appropriate. I really need your help getting some dinners if you could make us a meal or get us some kind of take out that would be really amazing.

Special Notes

Favorite foods are cheese pizza with garlic and olive oil sauce, Chinese food, Mexican food, BBQ, casseroles fried chicken. We Would also gladly take anything you make or send.

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