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Meal train support for Brandi Vason

Opelika, IN


Hey guys long post: 2012 was the worse year of my life. It all started w a trip to the ER for abdominal pain and having surgery to remove my gallbladder. I developed an umbilical hernia. I had the hernia repaired by laparoscopy surgery. I never healed properly and had to have my belly button burned w silver nitrate twice. The hernia came back about 4 months after. So i went in again for surgery to repair for the 2nd time and we they got in there i had an abscess and so they cleaned me out and sowed me up and told me that i had to heal before they could go back in to do the repair. 6 weeks later i was ready for my 4th surgery. The tear had gotten bigger and i would require medical mesh and also my bellybutton reconstructed. After a 5 day hospital stay and got to go home. A month goes by and and its time for my annual female exam. My pap came back irregular and i had to have my cervix removed due to cancerous cells . Surgery number 5. I started to have severe cramps shortly after and more bleeding than normal. Go in for a scan to find out i needed a hysterectomy. Due to the medical mesh in my stomach they had to do it old fashioned hip to hip. At this point im addicted to opiates from being on them for so long after having back to back surgeries. About a year after the mesh insertion i started having horrible stomach pains and always sick to my stomach. Fast forward to 2020 i blacked out cold on my kitchen floor. I was unresponsive so my mom and hubs called EMS. I have had every neurological, blood, and cardiological test known to man and no answers as to what causes it. For the past 3 years i have been getting Charlie horse type cramps in my stomach around the incision sites of the mesh tacks. It literally takes my breath away. It lasts a min or so then goes away leaving my stomach sore. Im terrified of having surgery again. I have been clean from opiates since 2016 after it destroyed my life. CT scan showed erosion and another hernia. June 14 I will be having revision surgery to have new mesh put in and yet another hernia repair. I will be out of work for 5-6 weeks. And I’ve exhausted my savings on hospital bills and copays. I volunteer when I can and am always donating locally. As embarrassing as this is to ask, I need some help to cover my bills when I’m down. Anything helps. I love you all. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers

Special Notes

Brandi can not have seeds or nuts. If you want to make food but can't deliver it please let Molly Wilbourne know. Thank you for helping.

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